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What am I not allowed to carry in my baggage?

For safety reasons, you are not allowed to have the items listed below onboard, whether in your carry-on or checked baggage:

  • Gases (compressed, liquefied, in solution, or highly refrigerated), including flammable, toxic or harmless aerosols such as butane, oxygen, liquid nitrogen, paralyzing gases, refill for gas lighters, etc.
  • Corrosive solids or liquids such as acids, alkalis, mercury, electrolyte batteries, etc.
  • Explosives such as ammunitions, fireworks, flares, briefcases with alarm devices, primers for toy guns, etc.
  • Flammable liquids such as fuel, paints, solvents, etc.
  • Radioactive material of any kind.
  • Corroding materials and organic peroxides such as bleachers, manure, etc. Toxic and infectious substances such as insecticides, pesticides, biological products that contain pathogens, etc.
  • Flammable solids such as matches. Weapons, i.e. any element or object that is made or may be used for attack or defense, such as firearms, knives, gas, electric shock elements, sharp blades, blunt objects, including blackjacks, axes and canes or sticks with a sharp point or a weight inside.
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